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Welcome To New York 1080p Movie Torrent netdem




A man who has all the power of life and death over the people of the world. I can think of no better time than the present to sit at his feet and learn from him. A man who can take my life and my sins and give me new life. "Mr. Devereaux." I stand there like a fool, but then he catches my attention with his eyes. "Good morning." I nod. "Good morning. Are you ready for your lesson?" I swallow. I'm ready for my lesson. I'm ready for salvation. I nod. "Yes, sir. I'm ready for your salvation. " I lift my hand for him to place a bracelet on my wrist. "What is your name, young man?" he asks. I swallow. I'm in the presence of God. I want to please him. I want to stay on the straight path. I want to see my family again. "Andrew Devereaux." "Good," he says. "Let's begin." As I walk to his study, the room slowly fades away and I'm alone. It's darker and deeper in here. It's empty. There's a tall, massive desk, covered with files. I can see a window. It's night outside. I can see the moonlight pouring in. I can see the ocean waves crashing against the shore. I can see the seagulls flying in formation. I can see the flight of the birds. It's all there. I'm just there. "Mr. Devereaux." I'm here. I'm in heaven. "Yes, Andrew." He sits there, staring into the distance. "Are you my personal God?" "Yes, Andrew." "What's that? Did you say, 'yes'?" "You're sure?" "Yes, Andrew. I'm positive." "You're sure? You're positive you're my personal God?" "Yes, Andrew. I am." "Are you going to help me to go to heaven?" "Yes, Andrew. I will." "When?" "Soon, Andrew. Soon." "Can you help me to become a better person, to become a better Christian, so I can go to heaven?" "Yes, Andrew. I'll try



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Welcome To New York 1080p Movie Torrent netdem

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